TST Yamaha R3 Velocity Stacks: First Look

Our TST Industries R3 Velocity Stacks are still in the development process, but that isn’t going to stop us from showing you the results of hours of R&D. We have designed these to be a simple way of adding horsepower to your Yamaha R3 so you can get better performance on the track or street. The engineers here at TST have spent a lot of time working on the design, testing the R3 on our dyno, and even track testing our all-new TST Velocity Stacks. With our current testing, we are able to add 3HP to our TST R3 Superbike. This is easy access power gains that will generate real-world performance with a simple and easy installation. We’ll have more details coming soon, but as for now, take a look at the upcoming TST R3 Velocity Stacks and try not to drool on your keyboard!




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