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BMC Race Air Filter RC390/Duke 390

BMC Race Air Filter for KTM RC390, Duke 390, etc. BMC Race Air Filter for KTM RC390, Duke 390, etc. Detailed view of filter material and mesh. BMC sponsored racer BMC sponsored racer TST Image Carousel Close

BMC Race Air Filter RC390/Duke 390

Long lasting, high flow air filter from BMC for your KTM Duke or RC 390. "Race" filter flows 25% more air than the "standard" version.

SPECIAL NOTE: The BMC Air Filter will NOT work on the new model 2017+ Duke 390. It is only compatible on the 2012-2016 model.

SKU SM-1007
Weight 0.87 LBS
Price: $89.10
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  • Increase power potential from a more free flowing air filter
  • Replaces OEM filter for a no hassle installation
  • Comes pre-oiled and ready to install
  • Race filter flows 25% more air than standard version
  • Manufactured using special techniques to make the filter extremely durable
  • Captures smaller impurities than OEM filter yet flows more air
  • Filter can be washed and regenerated
  • Winners of WSBK, FIM, AMA, F1, Le Mans, and more use BMC Filters
  • Fits:
    • 2015+ RC 390
    • 2013+ RC 125/200
    • 2012-2016 Duke 390
    • 2011-2014 Duke 125/200


When you buy a BMC air filter, you're getting race-winning technology that has been designed, tested, and continuously improved to provide the leading solution for high performance air filters. 

This Race air filter for the numerous, small displacement KTM RC and Duke models is a direct replacement of the OEM filter and flows 25% more air than the standard version. Simply remove the OEM filter, install the pre-oiled BMC filter, and you're ready to ride.

Some of the main features that differentiate BMC filters from other manufactures stem from the manufacturing process. BMC uses a special "full molding" system that creates a single air filter unit with no welded joints, resulting in a stronger, more reliable piece that will provide high performance filtering for years of riding. Furthermore, the rubber used to create the filter shape and housing is specifically designed for optimal sealing within the OEM airbox. The filtering material is constructed from multiple layers of special cotton gauze soaked with a low viscosity oil for better filtration efficiency (usually trapping particulates down to 7 microns in size) while simultaneously improving airflow capability. The cotton element is then covered with an alloy mesh that has been coated with an epoxy to ensure protection from gaseous fumes and oxidation. Last but not least, the filter can be regenerated mutliple times from a quick washing process. BMC recommends a washing process every 15,000 to 25,000 kilometers, or when the filtering element is obviously dirty and requires cleaning.

  • BMC Race Air Filter (1 unit)
  • Certificate of Guarantee
  • Installation Instructions
  • 2 Year Warranty (handled by BMC)
Q: Why are cotton air filters better than others?
A: Air filters provide 2 main functions that are closely linked: 1) stop unwanted particles from entering the engine and 2) still allow air to pass through.
Typically, motorcycle engines require an air filter to catch all incoming particles that are larger than 10 microns in size (a normal piece of sand is about 50 microns) to avoid risk of damage to components that are downstream of the intake system (air flow sensors, throttle butterflies, intake valves, etc.).
OEM air filters are usually made of a paper element. Due to the material properties of paper, it is an inefficient filtering material. In comparison to the special, multi-layer cotton gauze used in BMC filters, a paper filter will have to be more restrictive to air flow in order to capture unwanted particles larger than 10 microns. Why is a restrictive air filter a problem? More restriction means less air into your engine. And less air into your engine means less power. Definitely don’t want that.
The cotton gauze used in BMC filters is even superior to synthetic materials. Cotton achieves its filtering performance from 2 key factors: 1) it has a large plot, meaning air can pass through easily and 2) it absorbs the filter oil applied to BMC products, and it’s the oil that traps a lot of the hazardous particulates. In fact, this technology can trap particles down to 7 microns in size while passing a significantly larger amount of air than a standard OEM paper filter. To date, this is the best solution for better filtration with improved engine performance.

Q: What are replacement filters for OEM air boxes? How do you install BMC air filters?
A:They are air filters that replace the OEM filter inside the air box. Simply remove the OEM filter from your bike, replace it with the BMC filter, and go.

Q: How do you regenerate, or wash, a BMC air filter?
A: BMC makes a unique washing kit designed for their filters. This washing kit will be available through TST Industries. The kit contains a detergent and oil. Simply clean the filter with the detergent and then apply a minimal amount of the oil. BMC advises a regeneration every 15,000-25,000km for general, highway use. However, where and how you ride will affect the interval for washing. For example, if you frequently ride your particular bike off road, you would need to wash your filter more regularly. Sandy environments, locations near large bodies of water, salty air quality from beach proximity, etc. will generally mean a more frequent cleaning requirement. All it takes is for you to assess how dirty your filter is and wash it when you deem reasonable.

Q: Do BMC air filters need to be oiled before first use?
Nope. They sure don’t. BMC will pre-oil your filter at the factory so that you can immediately get into installation without the need of any other peripherals.

Q: What’s the difference between the “standard” and “race” versions of the BMC replacement air filters?
A: For many high performance motorcycle models, BMC makes both a standard and race version of their air filter. The key difference is that the race version will flow up to 25% more air than the standard version so that your engine has the best potential for producing maximum power.
The race filter is generally used by those riders looking for the ultimate performance from their engine. Although many modern engine control (or computer) units (ECU) will automatically adjust fuel parameters to match the greater air capacity, it is often advised to use a reflashing tool or piggyback system (such as Bazzaz or Power Commander) to gain the most performance from this air filter. In some cases, adjustment of the fuel parameters is necessary for safe engine operation. If you’re uncertain if this applies to your motorcycle, seek the input from a professional engine specialist for your bike.
The race version of the filter can be identified by a thin orange line printed onto the filter itself.

Q: Does the air flow sensor get damaged by installing a BMC filter?
A: With proper installation and the correct amount of oil soaked into the filter, there is nearly zero chance for your air flow sensor to be damaged. However, if you do regenerate your filter down the road, be sure to apply the minimal amount of oil needed to the filter. An abundance of oil may lead to small amounts wicking away from the filter and ending up on the sensor, which could lead to inaccurate readings or damage. BMC filters have instructions to help with the regeneration procedure (which is really easy, so don’t think it’s rocket science to get it right).

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