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Brembo GP MKii Radial Front Brake Master Cylinder and Lever Kit

Brembo Radial Front Brake Master Cylinder and Long Lever. Gain superior braking performance and feedback with Brembo. Made from forged billet aluminum with strict manufacturing standards and rigorous quality control.

Brembo GP MKii Radial Front Brake Master Cylinder and Lever Kit

The Brembo GP MKii is a high performance aftermarket master cylinder crafted in budget friendly manner. If you demand the most from your front brakes at the track, want the prestige of genuine Brembo products, but don't need the CNC machined master cylinder that are triple the money, this is the master cylinder for you. Available in two different sizes and with the standard long lever, the GP MKii can be used on a wide variety of bikes and braking setups.

The GP MKii is used predominately by track enthusiasts/racers, but it can be used for street applications as long as your current brake light actuator is compatible, or you use the pressure-actuated brake switch (included in most kits). If you are looking for a master cylinder upgrade on your street sportbike, the Brembo RCS master cylinder will be an even better option!

This kit is universal in nature (mounts to standard 7/8 inch or 22mm tubes), but it is up to the rider to ensure compatibility with your handlebar and braking system.

This product is part of our Worx Program!

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  • Improved brake response and control
  • Manufactured from cast aluminum and finished with CNC machined surfaces
  • Durable black anodized finish on the lever
  • Optional master cylinder configurations (19x20mm or 16x18mm)
  • Compatible with most Japanese and European bikes
  • Can be used on track or street
  • No permanent modification to your bike is required for install.
  • Includes standard long lever


Brake with confidence at your next track day. The Brembo GP MKii master cylinders provide improved braking power, lever feel, and control over OEM setups. This GP MKii cylinder is designed to provide improvements to your braking system without breaking the bank. Available in 16mm or 19mm piston diameters and 18mm or 20mm fulcrum distances, this class leading master cylinder design can be used on a wide spectrum of sportbikes. Costs are kept at a reasonable point without sacrificing performance by manufacturing these units from cast aluminum that is finished with precision CNC milling operations on the important surfaces. This enables you to put more money towards the rest of your braking system (stainless steel lines, pads, rotors, or calipers) rather than pay for the premium, full CNC master cylinders.

Brembo has created several master cylinder and lever combination kits. If you desire a particular cylinder and lever configuration that isn't available straight from Brembo, we've made it possible for you to acquire the right cylinder and lever to create your own combination. Check out the "How to Choose a Configuration" tab to learn more.

Looking to replace the lever, use the Buy Together feature to save some cash while you get the exact lever you need for your applications.

Brembo is the undisputed leading designer and manufacturer of high-performance brake systems. They contribute to the triumphs and victories of the world's top champions in MotoGP, World Superbike, Le Mans, World Endurance, F1 and IndyCar. When you ride with Brembo, you're in good company.

IMPORTANT NOTE FOR STREET RIDERS: This brake unit does NOT include a brake light actuator. Before purchasing for street use, it is your responsibility to verify that your brake light actuator is compatible with this Brembo unit.

Choosing a GP MKii Configuration

Here's what you need to know when choosing the right master cylinder (M/C) setup for you. It comes down to the piston diameter, the lever fulcrum distance, and a fixed vs. folding lever body.

M/C Piston Diameter

This is the first number when looking at a M/C config like "16x18" or "19x20". The diameter of the M/C piston determines the amount of brake fluid pushed through the braking system for a given amount of travel at the lever fulcrum. Keeping things simple, you need to match the M/C piston diameter with the size of your front braking components. Larger bikes with twin 4 piston calipers will typically use the 19mm piston diameter setup (high performance 600cc bikes and larger typically use this type of system). Smaller bikes with a single 4 piston caliper will typically use the 16mm diameter (300cc - 500cc bikes are common for this).

Lever Fulcrum Distance

This is the second number when looking at a M/C config like "16x18". The lever fulcrum distance plays a role in determining how stiff or soft your lever feels (this is after your system is properly bled and functioning). It's purely a matter of leverage. A larger fulcrum distance will result in a stiffer lever and less lever travel required for an equal amount of braking strength in comparison to a smaller fulcrum distance. The GP MKii kits are available in the common 18mm fulcrum distance (16x18), and the 19mm piston diameter kit can also come in a 20mm fulcrum distance (19x20). The 18mm is popular for the majority of riders, bikes, and brake setups. The 19x20 is used by large caliper bikes and riders that prefer a stiff lever feel for the hard braking zones.

Available Lever Configurations from Brembo - The Need for Replacement Levers

TST Industries is one of the only retailers of genuine Brembo products that has recognized there are gaps in Brembo's GP MKii kit configurations, as they come straight from the factory. Some master cylinders sizes are not available with a folding lever. Some don't have a short lever option. To solve this problem, TST has made it easy to pick the M/C size that matches your bike, and if you can't get the right lever setup straight from Brembo's kit offerings, you can pick up a replacement lever of the style you want and install it on your new master cylinder.

Available M/C and Lever Configurations from Brembo Kits

M/C Config Lever Config
19x20 Standard, Long Lever
16x18 Standard, Long Lever

Looking for a different lever type? We've got you covered. Be sure to check out the Buy Together option to add either an extra Standard Long Lever to your order, or pick up an different setup to suit your riding style. Be sure to pick a GP MKii replacement lever and not an RCS lever. The two are not compatible.

Install the folding, short lever on your new M/C and there you go - a cheap and effective way to get the exact M/C and lever configuration you're looking for. Not to mention, you'll have a backup standard, long lever in your toolbox that can be the "just in case" replacement if you go down at a track day. Win-win.

Important note for 20mm fulcrum replacement lever options: there is one GP MKii configuration limited in options - the 20mm fulcrum distance levers. Brembo only produces a standard, long lever (that is included in the 19x20 M/C kit) and a folding, long option (available as a replacement lever). Therefore, if you want a 19x20 or a 16x20 master cylinder, it is not possible to get a short lever on your bike (in either standard or folding). A short lever (either standard or folding) is only possible with a 16x18 M/C setup.

  • (1) Brembo Front Brake Master Cylinder
  • Brembo Standard Long Lever

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