Shout Out to Our Wheelie Special Customers: Session 2

I discovered that the hardest part of creating a customer shout out post is trying to decide which customers to feature. We always knew we had the best customers, but over the past weeks, we have had the privilege of getting to know numerous riders and bike enthusiasts that proved that theory. One of the coolest things about doing what we do, is that we have the ability to connect with riders all over the world. Here are a few of our particularly awesome customers and their motorcycles.

Introducing Evan, AKA Motoran. Evan is the perfect example of the reason why we get up in the morning and do what we do. Hearing him talk about riding and his intense passion for all things on two wheels can’t help but get us fired up! It wouldn’t be fair if we were the only ones that got to check out Evans riding excursions, so we encourage everyone to check him out on his YouTube page, Instagram (@motoranfz09), and Snapchat (@ibschmitty). This shout out goes to you Evan, and thank you for bringing us along and including us in your two wheeled adventures!
Customer Shout out to Evan

“The names Evan, I also go by Motoran on my youtube page! It’s bike life or no life for me. I fell in love with motorcycles at an early age, from starting on the dirt, to the street, and to the track. I guess you can say I’ll take two wheels over four wheels any day. There is nothing more satisfying than making your bikes look and function the best they possibly could. That’s why I’m a huge fan of the work TST Industries does for the motorcycling community. I always run TST taillights and blinkers on all my bikes and I couldn’t be happier. From their design work to their fit and finish, even to their speedy shipping, you can never go wrong with TST. Ride safe everybody!”

-Motoran (Evan)

Customer Shout out to Freddie

Alright, we’ve got to admit, we’re ridiculously jealous of where this next rider lives. Meet Freddie, a man living the dream on the beautiful island of Oahu, with not one, but two beautiful bikes. We’ve recently gotten to know Freddie and share in his passion for street and track riding. We love that you chose to bring us along for the ride with you Freddie, it continues to be a pleasure for sure. You’re one of us now, so any time you need anything, you just let us know. I’m pretty sure the guys wouldn’t mind flying over there to make a house call either. Just throwin’ that out there!

“My name is Freddie Rodriguez, I’ve been riding for 4 yrs, living in Oahu, Hawaii. I got a 2005 ZX6R and a 2016 ZX6R. I’ve been to the track at Arroyo Seco in Demin, NM, in addition to lots of street riding. I chose to shop with TST because of their quality products. Everything from tail lights to fenders to battery chargers. And great costumer service.


Customer Shout out to Matthew

This riding fanatic is a marine, writing to us from the beautiful state of California! So we’re shouting out all the way across the country to our new buddy Matthew! Riding is a life long passion, and getting to know Matthew and the plans he has for his machine has brought a smile to our faces! We are so stoked that you included TST in your plans to continually improve your already sweet ride. Make sure to keep us in the loop and updated on all the new exciting additions to your bike, and don’t hesitate to let us know if there’s anything we can do to help! Thank you for your service, we’re so glad to have you in the TST family!

“A lot of people know me from my Instagram, @GetReckless_, but my real name is Matthew Chappell. I’m 22 years old and currently living in California. A little bit about me; I’m from Alexandria Pennsylvania. I enlisted in the United States Marine Corps at the age of 20. The Marine Corps brought be to the beautiful state of California where I learned that traffic is not something i’m very fond of, it’s the perfect place to own a bike.

Performance, my bike is still stock. Some of the modifications that I’ve done consist or a tinted Puig race windscreen, TOCE slip-on exhaust, and sliders all around. I also added a GPR-V4 Steering Stabilizer for a little bit of a smoother ride. My future goals for my bike are pretty simple, but because nothing comes free and life having it’s priorities, it may take some time. My intentions are to upgrade to a full exhaust system. I’ll most likely go with a Two-Brother Racing exhaust however, I’m still looking around at some other ideas. Additionally that will also mean upgrading air filters and getting a tune. I’m also planning on getting my frame and rims powder coated a nice wine red.

TST not only has great gear/parts, but they have videos explaining exactly how to do whatever it is that you’re attempting. Want to save money? Shop with TST; their customer service is beyond any other that I’ve dealt with and their prices wont have you working overtime just to afford what you need/want. Seriously, fast shipping, friendly staff and great over all service.”


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