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HyperPack Bundle for Honda CBR600RR 2013+

What's Included. Toce Midpipe Options. LED Halo-1 Flushmount Signals. TST Industries LED Halo-1 Flushmount Signals. TST V2 Sequential & Programmable LED Integrated Tail Light. The TST V2 Tail Light features 9 different light modes and an exclusive lens design. Smoke Shown. TST V2 Sequential and Programmable LED Integrated Tail Light. TST Fender Eliminator for the Toce T-Slash Exhaust. TST Low Mount Fender Eliminator. Our Flasher Relay will ensure you get the perfect flash rate. TST Industries LED Low-Profile License Plate Light. TST Image Carousel Close

HyperPack Bundle for Honda CBR600RR 2013+

Have you been looking around our site and wishing you could get everything available for your CBR600RR? Well, we here at TST know that feeling. That's why we grouped everyone's favorite 600RR products together and slapped a 10% discount on the whole thing. This is the most affordable way to upgrade your 2013+ CBR600RR with some truly unique and high-quality components from TST and Toce Performance.

Check out the list below to see everything that's included. If you want to know more, click on the item and explore all the features and see even more photos!

Applications: Honda CBR600RR 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020

This bundle does not qualify for free shipping.

SKU 1315_600RR_HyperPack1
Weight 9.00 LBS
Price: $757.18
Select Tail Light Lens Color
Select Halo Signals
Quantity Out of stock
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  • Toce Exhaust
    • Aggressive look and sound
    • Single inlet with dual outlets
    • Toce T-Slash two canister design
    • Constructed of hi-temp black powder coated aluminum

  • TST V2 Sequential & Programmable Integrated Taillight
    • Smoked or clear lens
    • Exclusive Lens Design
    • 9 Programmable light modes
    • Plug and play

  • TST LED Flasher Relay
    • Slows signaling flash rate back to the normal rate when your bike goes into hyperflash state (or your signals stay on constantly)
    • Adjustable functionality to speed up or slow down flash rate to your preference
    • Plug and play installation: simply replaces the relay already on your bike
    • Fits like OEM

  • TST LED Halo-1 Front Flushmount Signals
    • Smoked or clear lens
    • 4 available color options
    • Plug and play
    • Glowing running light

  • TST Fender Eliminator Options

  • TST Low-Profile License Plate Light
    • 4 super bright surface LEDs
    • Stylish splash-proof enclosure
    • Low profile enclosure design is unobtrusive almost disappears when mounted
    • Quick and easy installation

  • Each item includes installation instructions

Toce Exhaust Installation

Taillight and Relay Installation

HALO-1 Installation

Fender Eliminator Installation

License Plate Light Installation

TST Industries has been innovating the sportbike industry for a while now; but more than anything else we’ve created, these products have turned the industry on its head and “wowed” customers from around the globe. For the first time ever, we’re bundling these exclusive products together. It’s a surefire way to transform your Honda from the mundane factory look to the talk of the show!

NON U.S. BUYERS: Please verify that your signaling system uses a 2 pin relay and not a 4 pin relay, and also note the pin configuration. We do not carry 4 pin relays. Our fender eliminators are designed for U.S. plates. The Low Mount bracket fits a hole spacing of 5.4 to 6.1 inches and the Toce Specific bracket fits a hole spacing of 5.4 to 6 inches with 5mm hardware. It is your responsibility to verify fitment of these items before making your purchase.


WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -


Customer Reviews:

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Ryan Cibula
Sep 9, 2017
I ride a 2017 Honda CBR600rr... ordered this bundle about 5 days ago and once it arrived, I immediately cleared out the garage to spend my evening installing everything. Make a nice clean space, turn on some tunes and enjoy.

Installing everything was pretty darn easy, especially with TST's YouTube tutorials.

My only gripe - they forgot to include my hardware for the flush-mount halo turn signals, so I had to head to Home Depot for some washers and screws. Luckily, the ones I picked up fit perfectly.

The Toce exhaust is loud af, the brake light w/ integrated turn signals looks on point, the flush mount halo turn signals look great, and if you're thinking about getting this bundle, get the Toce-specific license plate mount... it looks great and is super easy to install.

@TST - Can you guys make a tutorial for the install of the stealth license plate light? I blew a fuse trying to test the connection like you do in your video on the R3 :(

Oh, and getting my stock mid-pipe off was a bitch. It'll seem like it's never gonna come off - just keep at it.

Great bundle guys. Now bundle some other awesome mods!

Advantages: - Easy
- Nobody else bundles this commonplace stuff like they do
- Exhaust is top notch and loud
- Tutorial vids make it so you literally can't f&%k up

Disadvantages: - Was missing my hardware for the halo flush-mount signals - had to go to store
- Stealth license plate light was awkward to figure out since their tutorial for it isn't model/make specific - blew a fuse trying, so I just said f-it, and I'm not using it... electrical crap freaks me out.

_________TST Customer Support Response_________

I'm glad we could get that sorted out for you! Enjoy your Stealth License Plate Light!
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Justin Moody
Nov 12, 2016
Despite the minor issues, this is a kit any CBR600RR owner should purchase. The sound and aggressive look of the exhaust and awesome appearance of the lights makes this a must have.

Advantages: This is truly a very good kit. There were some minor complications here and there, but for the most part the install went smooth. Once everything was installed and fairings replaced, I was shocked at how much the ascetics of the bike had changed for the better. As another reviewer suggested, this is how the bike should look coming out of the factory. I installed a K&N air filter and a Power Commander 5 along with this kit. The Power Commander is a must have if any modification is done to the air entering or exiting the system. Performance will be compromised otherwise.
I was concerned about the flush mount lights reducing the visibility other drivers have for me. This cannot be since the TCT lights are considerably brighter than the OEM lights. Additionally, I left the relay off to allow for the high flash rate to increase visibility even more. All electronics worked without having to jerry-rig anything and there were no connectivity issues. Everything worked right the first time.

Disadvantages: Mid pipe issues: there was some difficulty in removing the stock exhaust. The guy in the video removed the heat shield directly above the pipe and just below the seat after he yanked out the stock exhaust. In my case, I could not do this. There was not enough space between the pipe and the heat shield to slide the pipe up and off the cat pipe at the C clamp. To remedy this, I removed the heat shield directly below the seat before continuing any attempt to remove the exhaust. Once this was done, the OEM pipe slipped right off. Also, the TST C clamp would not allow the nut to be threaded after the mid pipe was installed. I had to attach the clamp with the nut before installing the Toce mid pipe and then tighten the nut.
Fender eliminator issue: the license plate holder either makes contacts with the mid pipe or the hanger where the springs are attached to the exhaust. I didn’t want the mid pipe to get scratched up with the vibration, so I elected to have the plate holder rest against the hanger, which effectively renders the hanger and springs useless. This issue caused me to have to set the TST Stealth light off center to avoid mid pipe contact with the electronics/wiring of the light. As stated and seen in the video, the plate holder is designed for adjustability and customization. This is true, but no matter what configuration I tried there was contact of some kind with either directly to the mid pipe or the spring hanger.
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Apr 21, 2016
Great bundle pack for a good deal. I had ordered the tail light on its own when I found this bundle but had no issues returning the tail light. Install went smooth and was riding soon after I opened the box (prepped bike night prior to delivery). The Halo-1 turn signals (amber) look way better than I was expecting and is still bright through the smokes lens.

Advantages: Easy install with basic tools.
No need to modify anything for install.
All but license plate light is plug and play.
TOCE sounds beautiful.

Disadvantages: License plate light splices into factory harness. Would be nice but not necessary if some kind of connector/jumper was included so no splicing was needed.
I realize this is a nitpicky disadvantage, but the only thing I can think of for this bundle.
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Apr 6, 2016
I was in the market searching for a fender eliminator for my 2015 cbr600rr but ended up buying this entire Hyperpack because it's such a great deal! The installation process was a cinch and only took me about five hours thanks to the many youtube vids.

Advantages: Everything fits perfectly and is mostly plug and play.
The TOCE exhaust is the loudest I've heard on a 600.
TST Industries youtube channel really sets them apart.

Disadvantages: I wish I had seen this Hyperpack sooner.
I can't find it on a search.
I had to Jerry Rig the wires for the License Plate Light.
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Axe Palmer
Sep 23, 2019
Got this for my 2016 CBR600RR. I’m very satisfied with the new look this brings to the bike. It looks so much better than stock. Everything was super easy to install with the videos tst provides for each piece included in this package.

Advantages: Great look. Easy install.

Disadvantages: The toce exhaust has a fantastic look and aggressive sound, but it’s just a little too loud than I would have preferred. It’s still much better than stock, though.
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