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Our Mission

For too long, sportbikes and their owners were victims of the mundane. Mediocrity was the norm.

Our plan is to change that.

Since 2007, TST Industries has been on a mission to enhance the experience sportbike enthusiasts have with their machines through aftermarket accessories. Founded by street riders and track fanatics, we use our passion to develop our own line of products that redefine the standard for quality, design, and bang-for-your-buck value. Not stopping there, we also carry parts from select brands that we trust to use on our bikes. Lastly, the parts themselves are only a piece of the journey, so we strive to create an online shopping experience that is unrivaled in the industry: expert customer support, professional installation videos, and pre-purchase advice.

Kawasaki Z125 with TST Industries integrated tail light on a lake dock.
From Humble Beginnings
Founder of TST Industries, Bart Rogowski, working on a motorcycle engine when he was young.

Founded by Bart Rogowski in 2007, TST Industries was initially an extension of Bart's engineering and fabrication experience to create simple fender eliminators and integrated tail lights for his riding buddies. Made one by one and traded for a couple beers, TST Industries would slowly grow as a side hobby & business as Bart continued to develop parts.

2007-2012 Honda CBR600RR displaying the TST integrated tail light that helped make TST popular.

In 2010, the 2007-2012 CBR600RR In-Tail Integrated Tail Light was created and things started to get serious. Gaining some online reputation, TST orders were increasing in numbers by the day.

Snapshot of Super Streetbike Magazine article on the TST Industries integrated tail light for the 2007-2012 CBR600RR.
Early Operations
Bart and Steven filming an installation video in the early days of TST. Deciding to move to central Florida in the summer of 2012, Bart met Steven Fox, who began working with Bart as an engineering intern. A group of 3 people (Bart, Bart's wife Kim, and Steven) were now dedicated to grow the TST Industries brand to bring exciting products to a greater number of enthusiasts. It was a bit of a whirlwind initially. Steven and Bart shared a 8ft x 8ft office, Kim would fulfill website orders with one hand while answering the phone with the other, and installation videos were filmed on the ground at the front of our shop in the afternoon.
Our Mottos

Be Different, Be Better

Design Without Bounds

Street or Track, We Have Your Back

Revitalizing the Sportbike Industry

Yamaha R3 with out class leading WORX Pack installed to provide increased performance.
What We Do

Product Development

A 3D printed tail light lens prototype made on a special printer that can create clear plastic objects.

Creating parts you want at a price you can afford.

Online Retailing

TST Industries creates products but also retails for other brands we trust.

An online shopping experience that is easy, fast, and reliable - before and after the purchase.

Our "Bang-For-Your-Buck" Recipe

Before long, it was evident our core mottos struck a chord with motorcycle owners. Tired of overpaying for underwhelming parts, TST was doing things differently to do them better. Combined with unique, design without bounds products that had never been seen before in the sportbike industry, TST began to earn a community of loyal customers. We were, and still are, able to produce great items at reasonable prices by applying 2 philosophies. Our bang-for-your-buck recipe is:

  • We don't do cheap. We don't do expensive. We do smart. We make products that are designed and manufactured to jive with what customers want at a price point they can afford. Furthermore, we structure our business operations around efficiency to pass our cost-savings onto the customers.
  • When you buy from TST, you're buying straight from the source. We skip distributors and retailers to save sportbike owners their hard earned dollars (we're talking upwards of 50%).
What TST Looks Like Today

We've come a long way since the early days. In the past year:

  • The TST team continues to grow with passionate motorcycle enthusiasts.
  • We've expanded our online catalog 10 fold, offering both genuine TST and WORX parts along with products made by retail partners that we trust to use on our own machines.
  • In the past year, we have shipped over 48K pounds worth of products, have responded to over 60K emails, and used over 95K feet of packing tape. That's roughly 17 miles of TST tape!
  • We now inspect, package, and quality control more products in a week than we did in the entire year of 2010.
Before and after photo of the number of orders TST would receive in 2010 versus 2017.

(Left: Current typical one-day order amount / Right: Two weeks of orders in 2010)

What We Do

Media (Photos & Videos)

TST puts a lot of effort into media through installation videos, product feature episodes, and more.


Racing, both amateur and professional, is now a large part of TST's dedication.
Not Your Typical Team
Bart welding on a subframe for a motorcycle.

Prank on a TST employee where their Honda GROM was placed on top of the warehouse racks.We'll admit it - we're a team of like minded weirdos that enjoy 2 wheeled machines, beer 'n tacos, popping wheelies, and watching Office Space. A strong looking goat is our mascot, after all.

Steven Fox and Bryan Dexter of TST while they are relaxing under the tent at Jennings GP.

We know we're not typical, and that's exactly how we'll stay. Catch us at the track, bike night, or twisties and we promise you'll feel right at home among friends.

Sticking to Our Roots
Apparel photoshoot of Bryan and Mark on the CBR600RR and Yamaha YZF-R3.

Yet, perhaps our greatest achievement is our dedication to our roots. Although the warehouse is now bustling with activity, 3D printers cooking prototypes constantly, and workstations relentlessly rendering a new video to publish, we've worked hard to keep our relationship with customers as personal and genuine as possible. When someone calls about a defective tail light, from another brand, we still work with them to figure out the wiring they need. If an order is moments away from fulfillment but we notice a way this customer could have saved a few dollars, we place the order on hold to give them a quick call. And last but not least, we still strive to create parts that aren't cheap, nor expensive, but smart. We're still doing things differently to do them better. It just so happens that you can now see our parts at your local bike night and at your local track.

Our reach is expanding but our touch will forever stay authentic.


Professional photoshoot of a Ducati 848 performed by TST's own Director of Photography, Marc-Anthony Brown.

For too long, sportbikes and their owners were victims of the mundane. Mediocrity was the norm. Cool products were a luxury item only affordable by the few. Reasonably priced products were so lacking in quality that they were only tolerated by the few. To find parts that blended logic, craftsmanship, and cost was a futile journey.

For those that did upgrade their treasured two-wheel machines, they were met with a poor shopping experience and an even poorer bank account. Technical support from manufacturers was a gift given only to top race teams painted with factory logos. Talking to someone prior to a purchase that actually knew about the products they were selling was impossible. And attempting to install a new item was an exhausting journey of deciphering installation notes and depicting tiny bolts on the page through a magnifying glass.

TST Industries MECH-GTR LED Turn Signals

Our plan is to change that. We’re here to be different, be better. We’re here to develop products that make sense. We’re here to provide a shopping experience that is fun, effortless, and confident. We’re here to redefine the aftermarket products and services for the sportbike industry.

Since 2007, TST Industries has been on a mission to enhance the experience sportbike enthusiasts have with their machines through aftermarket accessories. Founded by street riders and track fanatics, we use our passion to develop our own line of products that redefine the standard for quality, design, and bang-for-your-buck value. In other words, we make cool parts that “make sense”. There’s logic to them. Simple problems have simple solutions. Elegant challenges provide an opportunity for us to showcase our capabilities and “Design Without Bounds”. We don’t do cheap. We don’t do expensive. We do smart. Who do we target? Whether you’re street or track, we’ve got your back. Not to mention, we use a unique business model in the industry to pack a whole lot of punch into your dollar.

A garage photo of TST employee's Honda GROM and 600RR with TST parts.

Most manufacturers in this space use a classic supply chain model. They make something and sell it to a distributor. Cha-ching. That distributor then sells to their retail network. Cha-ching cha-ching. And finally, that retail network sells that original part to you, the sportbike enthusiast. Each time that part changes hands, you pay for it. A $20 fender eliminator becomes a $120 wallet-robbing item on your local retailer’s shelf. There was a time and place for this method, but we think that time is gone. We forget about those people in the middle. We go straight from our design lab to your doorstep. As a result, you get better products, designed in a smarter way, delivered for less. Oh, and chances are, you’ll be able to watch us perform the installation for your new parts in a professional, step-by-step video. Did we mention it’s about the experience, not the parts?

Sportbikes are a way of life. Whether bike nights are your thing, or dragging knee at the track is your drug, we get it. That’s why our goal is to make your sportbike life as exciting as possible. Beyond the parts we develop, we provide a level of technical support that is unmatched in the industry. Probably because we spend so much time wrenching on our own bikes. We also offer select items from additional brands that we trust on our machines. If we feel like we couldn’t make the parts better, smarter, or in a more efficient manner, we consider that a win, and we want to provide them alongside our parts to broaden the TST experience.

From a team that schedules vacations around bike events and budgets meals around the next track day, we can take you and your ride from where you are to where you want to be. With TST, you can redefine your ride.

As our racing lineup grows, our passion for the motor sport stays steadfast at the forefront of what drives to success.
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