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Motion Pro Rev2 Variable Rate Throttle Kit for Yamaha R3 2015+

Motion Pro Rev2 Variable Rate Throttle Kit for Yamaha R3 2015+ Includes 5 throttle reels so you can customize your throttle rate at any time.

Motion Pro Rev2 Variable Rate Throttle Kit for Yamaha R3 2015+

The new generation of Motion Pro Rev2 Throttle Kits enables you to tailor your Yamaha R3's throttle rate to your riding conditions and preference. Each kit includes five different reels that can be used within the Rev2 Variable Throttle Kit to provide either a faster, slower, or progressive throttle response.

FITMENT NOTE: Due to the R3 throttle and ignition switch assembly sharing the same clamshell housing, it is required to replace your start/stop switches with the easy to install Motion Pro Stop/Start Switch. Click here for the 2015-2018 model OR here for the 2019+ model.


Yamaha R3 | 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020

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SKU MP-1000
Weight 2.50 LBS
Price: $169.99
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Rev2 Throttle Kit Features

  • Enables customized throttle input and response via specially developed throttle reels
  • Includes 5 throttle reels to choose from:
    • RR Cam Reel (orange) - Progressive rate
    • 35mm Reel (black) - Longest twist available
    • 40mm Reel (blue)
    • 45mm Reel (red)
    • 50mm Reel (yellow) - Shortest twist available
  • Unique cam reel design enables fast reel changes
  • Complete Rev2 Throttle Assembly features a high-quality throttle tube to replace the stock unit
  • Ultra-compact housing features snap-together elbows for fast and easy reel installs
  • Slim design requires less handlebar space for lever clearance and throttle position
  • Included cable boot keeps dirt and debris out for reliable operation
  • Billet aluminum in-line adjusters enable easy install and on the fly adjustments
  • Lower section of cables use 5 mm housing with FTFE liner for reduced friction, better routing flexibility, and lighter weight
  • Upper cable sections use 6 mm housing to provide solid and durable support for adjusters
  • Includes set of Motion Pro RideControl grips
  • Easy installation and simple to maintain
  • Perfect for racers looking for fast throttle response or street riders looking to tame a twitchy throttle
  • REQUIRES a new stop/start switch


Whether you're a racer looking for a quick-turn throttle response or a street commuter wanting to tame a twitchy throttle for smoother riding, the Motion Pro Rev2 Variable Throttle Response Kit is your answer. The kit includes an easy to install throttle assembly, throttle tube, grips, and cables that replace the stock counterparts. You'll also receive 4 standard reels and 1 progressive reel, each offering different throttle response characteristics. The high-quality Motion Pro black vinyl cables are specifically designed for the Yamaha R3, making installation as easy as possible, while the Rev2 Throttle Assembly has been engineered to make reel swaps a fast and easy process. Motion Pro purposefully designed each element of the system to withstand the high demands and intense conditions of racing, producing only high-quality components trusted by professional racers across the globe.

Standard Reels

  • 4 reels to choose from: 35mm (black), 40mm (blue), 45mm (red), and 50mm (yellow)
  • Unique reel design enables easy reel changes without the need to readjust throttle cables
  • Heavy-duty nylon composite material with high-wall design keeps cable secure and provides smooth operation
  • Smaller reels provide slower throttle response / larger reels provide faster throttle response

RR Cam (Progressive) Reel

  • Sportbike oriented cam profile performs like a slow throttle to 40% opening, then progressively changes to fast profile from 70% to 100% throttle
  • Enables greater control at lower throttle openings while providing faster response at higher throttle openings

Every Motion Pro Rev2 Variable Rate Throttle Kit comes with the 5 throttle reels described above, enabling you to install the right reel for your style or riding conditions. But how do you know which one to choose? It's pretty simple actually. The reel size determines how much wrist twist (or throttle input) is required to fully open the throttle bodies on the Yamaha R3. The larger the reel, the shorter the twist, and vise versa.

Each throttle reel will change the twist by about 10 degrees. An example would be if a stock throttle of 40mm has a full twist of 90 degrees, or 1/4 turn, the 45mm Motion Pro Rev2 Reel will reduce the required twist to 80 degrees, and the 50mm Reel will reduce the twist to 70 degrees. This enables a much faster throttle response and requires less input to reach 100% throttle opening. On the other hand, going with a smaller than stock reel size by installing the 35mm Rev2 Reel will increase the throttle twist to 100 degrees, increasing the amount of input required to reach a fully open throttle.

Now that covers the standard Motion Pro Throttle Reels, but you'll also receive our personal favorite option, the "RR Cam Reel" which is easily identifiable by its orange color. This is a progressive throttle reel that combines the best of all the standard reels. It acts as a slower throttle from 0-40% open, then progressively changes to a faster throttle for the 70-100% open range. This progressive design enables you to have more control when riding at lower throttle open speeds, such as around the paddock or start and stop traffic, while still providing that race bike response in the upper throttle range. This is ideal for both street and track riders alike.

  • Complete Rev2 Throttle Assembly with throttle tube
  • Motion Pro throttle cables designed for the 2015+ Yamaha R3
  • 5 Interchangeable throttle reels: 35mm, 40mm, 45mm, 50mm, and RR Cam Reel
  • Set of Motion Pro RoadControl Grips
  • Rev2 Throttle Equipped decal set
  • Printed color instructions
  • 1-year limited warranty against defects in materials and workmanship provided by Motion Pro

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