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TST WORX Pack for Yamaha YZF-R3 2015+ / MT-03 2020+

TST WORX Pack for Yamaha YZF-R3 2015+ Improve your Yamaha R3 horsepower by 24% Improve torque by 20% Peak horsepower and peak torque both show massive improvements with the TST WORX Pack. Receive a new OEM ECU flashed with the TST WORX Spec tune. Yoshimura ALPHA-T Full Race System help to improve engine performance. The full system exhaust features Yoshimur's Works finish. Open architecture airbox covers enable more air flow.

TST WORX Pack for Yamaha YZF-R3 2015+ / MT-03 2020+

Developed, tested, and proven on our 2019 ASRA MOTO3 National Championship Yamaha R3 Superbike. Get all the parts you need for track day dominance with an added discount on all TST WORX products in the bundle!

What's included:

  • TST WORX Velocity Stacks with 10% discount
  • TST WORX Airbox Covers with 10% discount
  • TST WORX Smog Block Off kit with 10% discount
  • TST WORX Spec ECU Tune with 10% discount
  • MWR Full Race Air Filter
  • Yoshimura Race Alpha-T Works Finish Full Exhaust System

Want an ECU sent to you instead of shipping yours to our shop for flashing? Select the "OEM ECU Core Charge" option to be sent one of our core ECUs, and if you want a return of the $200 core charge, simply send us your unmodified OEM ECU for a core charge refund. Stock levels vary so we may be temporarily out of the ECU cores specific to your bike, and in that case, it is required to ship your ECU in for flashing. Still not sure about Core Charges? Click HERE to learn more.

If sending in your ECU for a core charge return, your ECU part number MUST MATCH the ECU part number of the one you select and receive in your order. WE ARE NOT ABLE TO ACCEPT AN ECU IF THE PART NUMBERS DO NOT MATCH.


Yamaha YZF-R3 | 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020
Yamaha MT-03 | 2020

Advertised discount is ONLY applicable to TST WORX products and does not include Yoshimura R&D or MWR products.

This bundle does not qualify for free shipping. All items ship when the WORX tuned ECU ships.

This product is part of our Worx Program!

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Weight 14.24 LBS
Price: $1149.99
ECU Core Options
ECU Part Number (important that this is the exact number from your ECU)
Exhaust System
Air Filter
Velocity Stacks
Airbox Covers
AIS Delete Kit
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This kit was designed and intended for closed course competition use ONLY. These products are neither designed nor intended for use on public roads or land and it is against Federal and State regulations to do so.

Learn About the WORX Pack

Bundle Features

  • All "bolt-on" items that don't require permanent modifications to your Yamaha R3 or MT-03
  • Improves total engine performance with a unique parts pack with TST WORX specific tune on OEM ECU 
  • Smooth and rideable power delivery
  • Immediate and noticeable change in engine performance and output
  • Increases performance across the whole RPM range
  • Improves acceleration and top speed
  • All parts fully optimized to work together for total performance increases
  • Dramatic weight savings when compared to stock components

Performance Numbers

When all parts are properly installed, below are the expected results

Horsepower 24% Increase in area under the curve*
Peak Horsepower 15% Increase
Torque 20% Increase in area under the curve*
Peak Torque 3-7% Increase - dependant on gear
Weight Savings 11.36 lbs

Area under the curve (also called engine potential) is used to represent total engine performance increase as it takes into consideration the gains across the entire RPM range, not just increase in a peak number.

*Premium 91-93 octane fuel is required for expected results and safety against knock.


After over a thousand dyno runs, multiple test bikes, numerous lap records, and one MOTO3 ASRA National Championship trophy, the TST WORX Pack was born. Our engineering team spent over a year performing research, testing, and refining the parts package that you see here. Every component was chosen or specifically designed to be entirely bolt-on, meaning that you don't need to permanently modify your R3 or MT-03 in any way and that you receive the highest performance boost for your dollar that we could design. With every part optimized to work with the entire parts package, the TST WORX Tune is the icing on the metaphorical R3 / MT-03 cake that elevates this package to another level and takes full advantage of the components. Tuning each cylinder individually enabled us to refine the performance of the engine for not only increased performance and peak power, but overall rideability and power delivery. The smooth power output and increased torque and horsepower combine to provide an immediate and noticeable increase that is sure to slap a grin on your face every time you turn the throttle

2020+ MT-03 EXHAUST FITMENT NOTE: The lower shroud on the 2020+ MT-03 interferes with the Yoshimura headers and must be left off or modified for proper fitment after installing the Yoshimura exhaust.

Please see the "Part Specifics" tab to learn more about each individual product in the WORX Pack.


  • Increased rev limit of 13,000 RPM
    • 13,000 RPM rev limit has been thoroughly tested and proven to work safely with the stock valvetrain
    • Increasing the redline taps into additional power availability and puts the rider higher into the rpm range for the next gear on each shift, allowing them to be better positioned in the RPM range
  • Changes fueling to take advantage of every bolt-on part included in the bundle
  • Eliminates OEM air injection system (AIS)
  • Eliminates factory closed loop O2 system
  • Eliminates fuel injector deceleration cut for easier corner entry and braking
  • Remapped fuel tables for cylinder 1 and 2 separately across multiple throttle openings enable a smooth power delivery
  • Remapped ignition timing helps torque production and throttle response

TST WORX Velocity Stacks

  • Bolt-on installation
  • Rigid design as opposed to the stock rubber units
  • Optimized two-length design provides smooth power delivery
  • Increases cylinder volumetric efficiency

TST WORX Airbox Covers

  • Modified OEM Yamaha covers with an open architecture
  • Provides better airflow for engine air intake
  • Machine modified using a sophisticated cutting technique
  • Bolt-on covers - reversible anytime

TST WORX Smog Block Off Kit

  • CNC machined from high-grade aluminum
  • Availalbe in natural raw aluminum or with a durable black anodized finish
  • Eliminates the Air Injection System
  • Responsible for over a pound of total weight loss

Yoshimura Race ALPHA-T Works Finish Full System Exhaust

  • Tri-Oval design
  • Designed and manufactured to extremely strict tolerances
  • Unrivaled fit and finish
  • Manufactured from race-grade stainless steel featuring Yoshimura's exclusive Works finish
    • Satin / matte finish
    • Uniform heat coloration
    • Increased scratch and stain resistance
  • Carbon fiber exhaust tip
  • Yoshimura signature sound

MWR Air Filter for Yamaha R3 / MT-03

  • Used on all Team TST race bikes
  • Provides increased airflow compared to the OEM filter
  • Unique shape that enables increased and stable airflow to the engine
  • Comes pre-oiled and ready to install

No OEM ECU Core Charge

Select this option if you want to send us your OEM ECU for us to tune and send back to you. You are responsible for shipping the ECU to us originally, so please be sure to pack it neatly with proper padding. Average turnaround time is 2-3 days, depending on any weather or family emergencies. Please print off your order confirmation and include that with the ECU.

OEM ECU Core Charge

Select this option if you want to receive one of our core ECUs that is already flashed. This option enables you to have two ECUs and minimal downtime for installation. If you don't need your original OEM ECU, you can send it back to us and receive a Core Charge refund of $200. It is your responsibility to properly package and ship the OEM ECU when requesting a core charge refund. Please ensure to include the original packing slip and that the OEM ECU is free of any damage, modifications, or contaminants. Your ECU part number must match the part number of the ECU you selected and received and must not be previously flashed with any technology other than FTECU. To read our full policy on Core Charge Refunds, please see our Terms & Conditions page.

If sending in your ECU for a core charge return, your ECU part number MUST MATCH the ECU part number of the one you select and receive in your order. WE ARE NOT ABLE TO ACCEPT AN ECU IF THE PART NUMBERS DO NOT MATCH.

WORX Pack Installation

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -


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