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HyperPack Bundle for Honda CBR600RR 2007-2012

What's included in the CBR600RR Hyperpack Bundle. Toce Midpipe Options. Toce T-Slash Exhaust on the CBR600RR. TST Industries 2007-2012 CBR600RR. Halo-1 Flushmount Signals. TST LED Integrated Taillight and Fender Eliminator. TST LED Low-Profile License Plate Light. TST Industries Toce Specific Canister-Mounted Fender Eliminator. TST Low Mount Fender Eliminator. TST Image Carousel Close

HyperPack Bundle for Honda CBR600RR 2007-2012

Have you been looking around our site and wishing you could get everything available for your CBR600RR? Well, we here at TST know that feeling. That's why we grouped everyone's favorite 600RR products together and slapped a 10% discount on the whole thing. This is the most affordable way to upgrade your 2007 - 2012 CBR600RR with some truly unique and high-quality components from TST and Toce Performance.

Check out the list below to see everything that's included. If you want to know more, click on the item and explore all the features and see even more photos!

Applications: Honda CBR600RR 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012

This bundle does not qualify for free shipping.

SKU 0712_600RR_HyperPack
Weight 9.00 LBS
Price: $743.68
Select Tail Light
Select Halo Signals
Quantity Out of stock
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  • Toce Exhaust (Available with black or stainless midpipe)
    • Aggressive look and sound
    • Single inlet with dual outlets
    • Toce T-Slash two canister design
    • Constructed of hi-temp black powder coated aluminum
    • MotoGP style exhaust
    • Made in the USA

  • Exhaust Lowering Kit (this is part of the standard T-Slash Exhaust Kit)
    • Laser cut alloy steel brackets with black powdercoat
    • Simple installation
    • Universal to most exhausts

  • Integrated Taillight
    • Smoked or clear lens
    • Built in signals
    • Available in Standard (Std.) or Programmable (Prgm.)
    • 4 programmable functions (optional)
    • Plug and play
    • 20 minute installation
    • 80 superbright LEDs

  • LED Flasher Relay
    • Slows signaling flash rate back to the normal rate when your bike goes into hyperflash state (or your signals stay on constantly)
    • Adjustable functionality to speed up or slow down flash rate to your preference
    • Plug and play installation: simply replaces the relay already on your bike
    • Fits like OEM

  • Halo-1 Front Flushmount Signals
    • Smoked or clear lens
    • 5 available color options
    • Plug and play
    • Glowing running light

  • TST Fender Eliminator Options

  • Low-Profile License Plate Light
    • 4 super bright surface LEDs
    • Stylish splash-proof enclosure
    • Universal mounting on all license plates<
    • Low profile enclosure design is unobtrusive almost disappears when mounted
    • Quick and easy installation

  • Each item includes installation instructions

TST Industries has been innovating the sportbike industry for a while now; but more than anything else we’ve created, these products have turned the industry on its head and “wowed” customers from around the globe. For the first time ever, we’re bundling these exclusive products together. It’s a surefire way to transform your Honda from the mundane factory look into the talk of the show!

NON U.S. BUYERS: Please verify that your signaling system uses a 2 pin relay and not a 4 pin relay, and also note the pin configuration. We do not carry 4 pin relays.Our fender eliminators are designed for U.S. plates. The Low Mount bracket fits a hole spacing of 5.4 to 6.1 inches and the Toce Specific bracket fits a hole spacing of 5.4 to 6 inches with 5mm hardware. It is your responsibility to verify fitment of these items before making your purchase.

Coupon codes and discounts are not valid for this item. There are NO retroactive discounts and NO substitutions.

Toce T-Slash Exhaust Installation

LED Integrated Tail Light Installation

LED Integrated Tail Light Programmable Instructions

Halo-1 Installation

Fender Eliminator Installation

LED Low-Profile License Plate Light Installation Example

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -


Customer Reviews:

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(8 reviews)  

5 Most useful customer reviews (see all reviews):
May 31, 2016
Took my stock 2009 from awesome to incredible. Almost everything I wanted in one package at a solid price. The exhaust is, in my opinion, the best sounding slip-on out there for the CBR600RR. Throaty and deep, but not so loud that it hurts my ears on the highway. Rear looks way more clean, and the front turns look slick as hell at night with the halo. I went with the A-bracket for the license plate because of the complaints with the B-bracket in some other reviews and had zero issues mounting it under the tail pipe. It looks really good there in my opinion, and I'm probably less likely to have any issues with law enforcement complaining about visibility. The only thing that doesn't come with this package that I wish did were the shorty levers (and maybe the tank grip pads). I purchased those separately and am just as pleased with them. Everything was plug and play with no modifications except for the cutout of the undertail, which was made incredibly easy with the provided template. The videos TST has for demonstrating installation are ultimately what made me purchase this kit. I'm a weekend DIYer, new to motorcycles in general (this was the first bike I decided to modify) and those videos were so in depth, clear, and well-done that I couldn't pass this kit up. They made installation a breeze. I had the entire kit installed in about 2-3 hours with some basic tools and a rear stand, though you probably don't even need the stand for this one. I've done light maintenance on my cars before, and at the time I installed this kit hadn't done so much as an oil change on my bike, but I had no issues with installation to speak of. I can't recommend this kit enough to take a stock or nearly-stock bike to the next level for a good price and a little bit of work.

Advantages: Easy installation, great kit that contains just about everything you need to make your bike look and sound light years better than stock.

Disadvantages: Could maybe stand to have options for adding a few more things at a discount (shorty levers, tank grip pads, etc).
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Matthew Williamson
Apr 17, 2016
This customer purchased the item at our site.
I give this 5 stars because overall I love this package!
I ordered the CBR600RR Hyperpack on April 13 2016 and received it on April 16. Everything came in 1 medium sixed box with smaller boxes inside to separate the smaller components. Each piece has its own set of instructions and Templets should they be needed. The best part about TST lighting options is they are all plug and play. No cutting of factory harnesses required.

The Halo-1 flush mounts are much brighter and easier to see than the Hotbodies flush mounts I pulled off of my bike.

The integrated taillight is also brighter and the programmable options with the strobe brake and chase turn signal give me a little more piece of mind knowing they will be seen.

The only complaint I have would be the fender delete tag bracket. It does come with the templet for mounting which is awesome but after installing the option B bracket it would rub the baffle spring on the exhaust. I solved the issue with a few spacers I had from a previous project but for people without an old junk draw this may be an issue.

The Toce Exhaust, AW MAN the Toce Exhaust! It looks amazing and sounds even better.

"Insert higher power" Forbid I ever change bikes, but if I do I will certainly come back to TST for upgrades.

Advantages: Everything you need is in the box. No waiting for multiple shipments or missing hardware.

Each item has its own instruction sheet and there are in depth video tutorials on youtube from TST.

Low price when compared to buying separately.

Disadvantages: Fender delete needed spacer added to keep it off of exhaust in my application.

Tag light was not able to be securely mounted with hardware only has 2 sided tape.

Although this is a pretty good deal you should be able to add discount or loyalty codes to these items.
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Well I gave it 4 stars but my fat fingers on my tablet said otherwise. But great Flushmounts with the option to put the pin in on the plug to turn the halos on if I wanted to in the future. Pro. Integrated Taillight is slick easy install and fits like snap fit glove. Relay works as it should, license plate light was easy intall and a WAYYYY better tap than hot bodies gave me to tap in my flush mounts that I got rid of. TST had it set up with plug n awe cause their LED's are even brighter. Fender eliminator bracket gave me issues up the wazoo. It did NOT fit with my TOCE exhaust. Exhaust wasnt as streamline tight to the bike as the stock midpipe. Even attempted to take off the servo case but had cracked it because some guy on the line tightened it too much in the factory and the plastic broke before the bolt did. But Bart direct contacted me to come up with somethin that would work and fab it out and have it okayed by me. THE CUSTOMER SERVICE AND RESPONSE TIME FROM KIMBERLY AND BART TO TAKE SERIOUS ACTION IS PHENOMENALY FAST. Not days, a day, or half a day, but within the hour and quickest ive seen was 10 min. Great pack! Just be careful on the servo case and the 2012 CBR 600RR fender bracket clearence issue. Soon to be resolved :)
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Apr 7, 2016
I bought this straight from TST's website for an '08 600RR. Overall a fairly good deal for what you get, which is a lot. However, given the price, I was surprised by how many extra bolts, locknuts and mounts I had to buy that were not included which amounted to about $50 extra after spending over $800. I also had the wrong exhaust sent to me (even though it says 07-12, the mounts are different for the 07-08 and 09-12 so be sure to include this in your order!). Everything that's included is very high quality however. Front Halo signals fit perfectly, exhaust was manageable even though it was for 09-12. Taillight was pretty easy to install especially with the video tutorial. Only real problem was with the license plate mount (I put on the "A" bracket), the two bolts it came with did not fit into the thread of the exhaust (which is standard for some god awful reason) and were too big to use for license plate so I ended up having to buy all new bolts for this part as well as new mounts for the exhaust as it requires the original oem mounts. If you don't have them, you will have to order the whole set which will cost roughly $40 shipped.

Advantages: Perfect fit, high-quality parts that will make your bike both unique and sexy. Heads will definitely turn with this exhaust. Awesome tone that's not too loud and definitely not too quiet. You'll probably run into a few problems here and there but once everything's on, you'll be happy you ordered.

Disadvantages: Toce stupidly uses standard bolts for mounts and license plate (if you choose to mount with option A) which makes no sense considering it's custom made for a Japanese bike that's entirely metric. Bolts for license plate mount will not fit so prepare to buy your own. If anyone has altered or messed with your bike's electrical harness or exhaust mounts, etc. expect difficulties that may require some jury-rigging and ordering new oem parts.
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Brendan McCart
Jun 25, 2016
This customer purchased the item at our site.
Best sounding exhaust i have ever heard for a 600 by far! it has a nice growl at low rpm and an amazing sound throughout the rev range! i also got the exhaust bracket that attaches to the exhaust. i think it looks much better and you shouldn't have any issues with the cops with it. turn signals and integrated taillight went on easy and they look amazing! not to mention very bright! overall i don't think you could get a better exhaust, a better taillight, or better turn signals. i highly recommend this.

Advantages: great sounding exhaust, turn signals and taillight are very bright and look amazing.

Disadvantages: the stealth light could light up the plate a little bit better, but it does the job. also would recommend buying something to protect its wire from the heat when you run it near the exhaust with the plate mount that attaches to the exhaust. i went with jegs thermo sleeve for less than $20
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