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TST HALO-GTR Front LED Flushmount Turn Signals for 2015+ Yamaha YZF-R3

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Matthew clement
Jun 2, 2018
This is an amazing product. It’s amazing how much better it makes my R3 look. I’m very happy with my purchase. The shipping was actually really good too. Me living in Canada, I still got it within a week.

Advantages: Makes the bike 100% more noticeable in the dark with the bright halo light. The installation is actually as easy as plug and play. I don’t know a thing about installing parts on a bike and this must have taken me 20 minutes.
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Justin Durrant
May 4, 2017
Awesome! I have several TST accessories now for my R3 and the quality and support has been great. The installation videos are top notch. Thanks!
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Brian Jambor
Feb 10, 2017
These signals are incredible! The fit is flush with the fairing and the LEDs are very bright. I ordered them with a clear lens and orange led and the bike looks very clean. The installation was a breeze. You take three minor screws off the inside panel of the front fairing and it's all plug and play from there. This youtube video will show you what to do even though it's for a different flushmount signal, the install is nearly identical:
Thanks for the review, Brian! We simply wanted to acknowledge an installation video for the HALO-GTR system is anticipated for upload between 2/13 and 2/17. Thank you for helping fellow riders in the meantime but recognizing the install is 1) simple, and 2) similar to the standard LED flushmount's install.

Advantages: Plug and play flushmount look with bright LEDs and always on signal markers. Looks incredible and easy to install.

Disadvantages: When installing, make sure you tuck the inside panel back into the fairing before setting the rivets back in place. The wire on the right side when you sit on the bike is a little long and may rest on the radiator cap. I recommend using some electrical tape and taping it to the other wires in the run to lift if off your radiator.
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Juan Perez
Jul 24, 2017
This customer purchased the item at our site.
I bought this item and other stuff in the same order. Customer care was amazing and even doing some exceptions for me... Reading the other reviews, they are correct.... great good looking, quality materials are really good, the "looks" that it give to your bike is amazing..

My only recommendation for future buyers is that, take 5 minutes to remove your seat using any of the videos related to this installation (it is really easy and just 4 screws needs to be removed). Under the seat you will easily see the type of connectors that your bike use for your taillight or signals. I am telling you this because I am not from US, I am from Panama Central America.. I thought that my bike was the same for South America but the connectors are not the same... they are bullet type...

TST sells also the converters you need, so it will turn also your wiring into a plug and play with their products... Because i was so impulsive, i didnt took time to verify my connectors and also I didn't bought the harness and took me more time to install it because I have to cut wires to complete the installation..

Advantages: fast shipping, great product... price was fair.

Disadvantages: obviously, the OEM has better position for signaling purpose, but it is not drastically affected because the LED's are really bright from every angle... either way, as a biker you know you should have a lot of care when riding and don't trust anyone driving at your side...
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Mar 5, 2017
The right side halo ring was broken right out of the box. I just expected more from TST than to send me a broken product
Adam, I'm glad we were able to get this issue resolved with you in a matter of minutes. Enjoy your new R3 HALO signals!
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May 1, 2018
Install was a breeze, Looks really nice on my bike, But one of the Halo lights doesn't work.

Advantages: Beautiful Look to the bike
Install was easier than anything I've ever installed

Disadvantages: Aside from that one light working, Nothing really.

----------------TST Industries Response----------------
I'm glad we could get that replaced for you! Don't hesitate to contact us and ride safe!
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Jul 19, 2018
Look amazing but one of the halos went out after a few weeks. Kind of disappointed

------------------TST Industries Response Below------------------

Luckily you're definitely covered under our standard 1-year warranty and can get this unit replaced. We're terribly sorry for the error and inconvenience Zach and don't ever hesitate to reach out to us!

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Jan 27, 2018
I ordered these a few days ago. Shipping was super fast, and items came perfectly packaged. The install was super simple, watching the TST videos for install.

Once installed the halls are bright and the turn signals even brighter in my opinion. Definitely looks much better then the stock turn signals.

I would definitely recommend purchasing the relay so you can slow down the flash light.

Advantages: Simple install

Disadvantages: None
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Matt Seymour
Aug 3, 2018
Great customer Service. Great communication and tracking info. Fast shipping. High quality product, and quality packaging as well. I was very impressed with how bright the Halo lights are. I went with blue halo and smoked lens and could not be happier. The turn signals portion is really bright and very visible. Overall great experience with you guys and would continue to purchase parts from you in the future.
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Apr 23, 2019
if i can install these anybody can!

Advantages: the video instructions!
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